Cleansify is an effective natural tonic that reduces bloating, digestive upset, heartburn and gas. It will also help improve your circulation!

Good health begins within the stomach. Early signs of health problems can start with stomach issues such as:

  • Bloating: an extremely uncomfortable, and often painful feeling when pressure causes your stomach to extend outwards
  • Gas: unbearable pain and frequent flatulence.
  • Digestive Upset


This cleanse is a 3 day intense program for most people. If you feel comfortable going longer you can extend the cleanse to 6-10 days total. This cleanse involves fasting, so starting on a Friday and ending Monday morning would be a good time to try it.

3 day Cleanse (fasting) Drink a minimum of six – 6oz glass of water with 15ml of Cleansify daily when hungry. If you feel faint or weak consume any types of berries, You may also want to add an herbal laxative tea that contains the herb senna and drink it after 6 pm.

Intermittent fasting involves you fasting from 6pm to 12pm for a month. No carbohydrates, breads etc. Your meals will consist of protein and good fats. You may also want to take one serving of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCCA) daily.

If you take a Cleansify serving at 12pm and 6pm you will find this addition will maximize your results and make the fast more doable. The Low Carbohydrate diets practically eliminates all carbohydrates from your daily meals, leaving you with only Protein, good fats and berries to eat. Cleansify can be a great addition as many people have seen quicker results to these type of diets when Cleansify is taken twice daily morning and mid-afternoon.


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